like bacon?  love ribs? have a hard time going to the grocery store without taking a slow stroll through the pork section to look over the spare ribs, back ribs and pork shoulders? love pork – maybe a little too much? then you’re like me… 

oooh...ahhhh...oooh... get a towel to mop up excess saliva

having purchased a 10 pound pork shoulder to serve for my b-day-bbq, i wanted to make sure i cooked this thing right. i’d had previous success with a pork shoulder before, but wanted to find out more about the art of cooking that which turns into delectable, melt in your mouth pulled pork. surfing around various sites describing different grilling techniques (i’m a gas griller), i googled “pork shoulder” specifically and found a site which i believe is the mecca of pork shoulder and perhaps all things grillable & pork:!.

having gone out for a great dinner, i was stuffed, but it was all i could do to keep from cooking and eating that shoulder right then and there. i surfed, surfed some more, looking through other pages, comments, recipes…gleaning wisdom, ideas, and working up a hefty appetite for that 10 pound butt sitting on my counter.

mmm...nice shoulder (butt)

mmm...let's rub that thing and get it smokin

after reading through his site until about 1 am  (and only scratching the surface), i followed meathead’s  (my new facebook friend, craig goldwyn is known as “meathead”) direction as closely as i could, improvised a rub (loosely based on his memphis magic dust recipe- it was 1am and i didn’t have all of the spices) and cooked that butt (aka shoulder) from about 6am to 6pm.  the end result? tasty.  one person at the party (who will remain nameless) confessed that he ate 4 pork shoulder sandwiches!

so, if you’re like me and love grilling pork (and eating it) then you’ve got to check out the amazing ribs , “like” the site and stick it in your favorites, and get ready for some great pork bbq.

and, a big thanks to meathead for helping me serve up some stellar pork shoulder!