i read a great post on a blog from npr this morning – “all songs considered” (for the direction to all things cool in  “pop culture” great thanks to the sensei) where the blogger asked readers to “name which artists have put out the most music they own but never listen to. whose cds sit in the longest, dustiest rows on your shelves?”   one of the readers posted:“My friend has a great name for this. She calls it phase music–all of those albums you buy because you love the band… then you put them on your iPod (you have so many of these CDs, so you must like the songs), and when they come up in the shuffle, you skip them.”

very interesting way of looking at it. a “phase” band.  good for the time frame in which you were listening to it, but maybe not so much any more.  

in the midnight hour

who were your phase bands? a few people/bands i have not played for a long time: – the cure, the smiths, john mellencamp, beck, simple minds, live, indigo girls, billy idol… a bunch from the 80’s, 90’s… there are many more -these are just a few i can think of w/o dusting off the cd books… 

what is interesting to me is the nature of pop music and what causes a band’s music to last? is it that the music transcends whatever is popular at the time to buy a lasting place on your personal jukebox? but what about the cds for you that might be on my non-play list? or vice versa?  i don’t know. 

a back in 2002 i won a “desert island disc” contest (trip to jamaica) by turning in the 3 discs i would want to have with me were i stuck on an island and only had 3 to listen to.  i chose yellow submarine, by the beatles, dulcinea, by toad the wet sprocket and achtung baby, by u2.  i can’t say i’d change that at this point. i do like the new u2 but that disc had something to it. 

if you have some thoughts or want to share a “phase” cd or two, or three discs you’d want to take on a desert island, i’d love to hear what yours are…