three hundred sixty-five. think of something you’ve done every single day for the past 365 days… for me its coffee… i’ve had coffee each of the past 365 days…  

fifty-two. is there something you’ve done at least once every week for the past fifty-two weeks? i’ve put on a pair of shoes and run five miles at least once every week in the past year…  

four. fridays in a month (well, four months per year have five). we love fridays. they change our outlook on the week. they provide a launching point for the weekend. its hard not to have a little bigger smile –  a little more joy on a friday.  

one day's wage

one. one day. friday. the first friday in september. the third. my birthday. please join me and attempt to make the world a little better for some folks living a lifestyle we can’t even imagine.  i am donating my income from friday, september 3 to the organization one day’s wages. started by my friend and former colleague, eugene cho, odw has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help ease and move toward ending extreme poverty in the world.  true, my individual wage is not huge by american standards. it will only be a drop in the bucket. but it is something. and combined with yours and countless others, the drop can the cause of odw, and create a little bigger smile and a little more joy for bunch of people elsewhere in the world.  

two. two dollars. nearly half the world’s population (think three BILLION people) live on less than $2.00/day. if you can’t give your entire day’s wage, can you give $2 to help one person?  

five. five bucks. you might not be here in fort collins to take me out for a beer or coffee, so instead could you pitch in the part of the bar tab you were going to spend on me ($5 or $10 if you were going to by me two :-)) to help a few people have clean water and food for a day?  

forty-three. i’m forty-three this birthday, and while you may not be able to do a full day’s wage, you may be able to pitch in a dollar for each year i’ve graced this planet.  

six hundred-sixty-eight. that’s the number of my facebook friends. if each of us were to give $2 – that’d be $1338. if we each stepped it up and did $5 (cody, i know you’re thinking you’ll just drink the beer you’d buy me, but think again…) that’d be $3345.    

all together now

forty-three hundred. that’s my birthday wish. a hundred bucks per year that i’ve been alive is a good start for helping odw reach out to people living in extreme poverty.  i could be shooting high, and that’s fine. but i know each and every one of my facebook friends (and you too, if you’re not a fb’er) are a giving, generous lot – already giving in so many ways – so i know that together $4300 is more than doable. (i.e. if each of us had a day’s wage of $25 and we each pitched it in, that would be $16,725. double that for $50/day, and so on…) the strength of working together is evident especially when you crunch the numbers.

click here to give!

???? what number will we hit? that’s the question you can help me answer. i know one or two of you reading this could write a check for less than one day’s wage and surpass this goal.  i also know that more than one or two of you reading this don’t have a day’s wage right now – my prayers are with you.  i simply ask that you think about it – if you’re a praying person, pray about it.  give, then forward this to someone else whom you believe would appreciate this cause!  forty-three hundred is pretty humble when you consider all of us throwing a few bucks into the hat together. 

thank you for reading my birthday wish. i appreciate you taking a second to consider jumping in this with me.  once the goal is reached, i’ll set up a coast to coast virtual toast to our partnership, to one day’s wages and, well, to my 43th year!

–as of 8/21 – we’ve raised $100!  thanks for sharing! —