because i had to update a few things on my sites at the office this morning (click here to see where i work) i arrived to crossroads church for the gls at around 8:25am, following an aid car and a fire truck into the parking lot.  initially i was told someone was having a seizure, which turned out to be a guy named pastor steve, who fainted, and was having some chest pains. he was rushed to the hospital, and never heard about it again… i trust he’s okay.

No Whining!

The Land Between is fertile ground for this sign!

i arrived several minutes into jeff manion’s talk called the land between. wow – what a teaching that was. really hit me as that “land between” is the space my family and i have inhabited for the past couple of years. of the all the great speeches we heard over the past two days, this one hit closest to home, made me realize how far we’ve come, while also giving some perspective in the case that we still have a ways yet to go.  the complaining spirit, the longing glances back at the place we’d come from – we’ve been there done that.  now thanks to his sharing(and both days of the wcagls), i’m seeking and praying for a heart that trusts, while also feeling nurtured and encouraged to keep pressing on.

the rest of the day was great – loved hearing the gore story from terry kelly, wondered why my sister in los angeles hasn’t connected w/blake m. yet (c’mon stephanie!), loved understanding my motivations better (thanks daniel pink) thought jack welch was great (didn’t feel he needed to be bleeped) and bishop jakes’ exhortation to passion finished the day up well.

i’m sorting through the whispers i heard (there are always a bunch – are they from god…or radio…or my wife…or my stomach),  also trying to wrestle through a declaration – don’t want to spout something off real quick –  i really want to make it worth the effort and thought – and be something i’m really feeling called to… who knows…maybe i’m thinking about it too much.

the one thing that i’m thinking about is, “now what.” we heard all the good stuff, inspirational stuff, convicting stuff, encouraging stuff, tear jerking stuff, laugh inducing stuff – all good stuff.  but now what? does this become more informational “fat” that lines itself on the spiritual “spare tire”/”love handles” on my heart, or will i be courageous and actually use some if it? i know i’ve been guilty of the former, more often than not, and my prayer is that i’ll put this new info and inspiration into action.

thanks to the willow creek people for your vision, passion and for caring enough about the kingdom that you haven’t selfishly hid the wisdom and insights you’ve learned from sight in a spirit of competition with the rest of christiandom. 

-jeff e