(the willow creek global leadership summit in case you didn’t know…)

WC Global Leadership Summit!

Day one @WCAGLS = Good!

i’d have to say day one of the summit was a good one. as i took it all in (projected on a big screen larger than the side of my house) what struck me was the number of church leaders worshiping, learning and being shaped – all at the same time, focusing on the same speakers, hearing the same principles in unison.  very cool to be part of something larger than just one church in one place doing one thing.

the speakers were each great – some real hard work, passion and the fruit of hard lessons learned were gifted to us today – thanks to each one of them for sharing. there were lots of great one liners (don’t look here for them, go to twitter and search #wcagls — is it just me that’s beginning to feel one lined to death?), great illustrations, and some great inspiration to become a better leader.

there were some really challenging stories – adam hamilton’s story about the people on his staff having an affair, and how they handled it as a church.  wow.  christine caine’s recounting of the girls in greece cutting her off in the midst of her poetic waxing, “if this is true – that your god is as good as you say, then why did it take you so long to get here?” that was like a kick to the stomach. 

bill hybels’ description of getting a text of a colleague or employee announcing their resignation, and it evoking these responses:  “phew”, “ugh, that’s too bad” and running to find a bucket so you can “vomit,” and the reminder to affirm the people that you can’t live w/o was right on (though my wife said he should have added a fourth response – the “wow, i’ll miss them, but now i can hire                      .” meaning that good leaders are always on the lookout for quality people with the four C’s who you’d want on your team.  while this new person will bring different gifts, and could never replace the colleague that is moving on, this is what the holy spirit is guiding and directing your team to be. 

now (post day 2), she just has brought up a fifth response – the “i’m so happy for them and can’t wait to see how god uses them.” truthfully, we’re not called to selfishness, whether it is the favorite hot wheel car we had as a kid or our favorite person on staff. a christ-like perspective is one that sees beyond the here and now, is grateful for the time we had together, and has faith that the blessing this staff person shared with you will go further to bless more and more people as they are called to new situations to serve.  jack welch mentioned the leader who would hide their good people from others, we must try not to be those a leader like that.

jim collins, though, was probably my favorite. we all want to build something that lasts – we want our work to be here after we’re gone. but whose kingdom are we building here? as we take our perspective off of our core values and place it onto our own organization, onto our own legacy, onto our own wealth – there’s only one way to go– down.  i will be using his diagnostic tool on myself, my small group, my workplace, my marriage, my church, my fantasy baseball team – you name it… i’m going to pull this out… thank you for the years of research, writing and formulation of questions you were able to boil down to 35 inspiring minutes today mr. collins.  

finally, i’m a little biased because it’s being held at my church, but i thought the volunteer team at crossroads did an amazing job of making everyone feel welcomed, plugged in and well hydrated!  Thanks!!

looking forward to tomorrow & some more good questions!