my buddy jeff keuss writes a great blog entitled, “theology kungfu: a theoblog dojo for creativity, pop culture and god stuff…”  in his latest post, the “sensei” grapples with the passing of a young mother and the questions that come to an “after-church” community distraught, yet comforted – not by the chorus of amazing grace, but by the metallica song, nothing else matters

i want my mtv

post-church/post-christian iconography?

As the song ran its course, arms covered with more ink than a stack of comics were rubbing their eyes and waiting for something beyond James Hetfield’s simple tune as the cross hung over that casket.  ”Nothing else matters” opened the way for “something else” must matter amidst all this sorrow… (Read more here)

what will the post-church/post-christian culture turn to when trying to make sense of loss? of death?  dr. keuss has some great observations.